Taking the decision to engage in therapy is widely acknowledged to be an anxious time, specifically  for those already suffering with anxiety related difficulties. The thought of sharing your inner thoughts and worries with a near perfect stranger can be extremely daunting. 

Sarah* is a female client who accessed therapy in her mid thirties. She was extremely anxious about beginning her therapeutic journey but, yearning for a better life for herself and her family, she decided the time was right for her. Now, some time on, in an effort to encourage and reassure others,  Sarah has chosen to share her story with you:

"I had spent years trying to deal with my Mental Health Issues, having tried medication before and finding that it was just like a plaster, it helped initially, but once I came off the treatment, my issues still remained, they ranged from depression and various forms of anxiety. Being a busy mum of 3, whilst working, running a house and trying to support my partner in his business, I was just managing to get by but felt like I was wading through mud! Everything felt a lot harder to do than it needed to be, to the outside world I was a well functioning individual but inside the reality was a lot different!


One day whilst cradling my youngest child who was only 6 months old at the time, I remember thinking, I want better for you and my family, but I want better for myself, I was exhausted and I had had enough of the daily struggles. But how was I going to do this? I was nervous, scared my anxiety kicked in and I instantly wanted to revert back to the safety of doing nothing! but I was also driven by the determination to do better for my family, so I sent an email from the safety of my sofa, no phone call required, to a Therapist who I found by google search, who was local to me, I mean, what harm can that do?? BEST DECISION of my life!!!


From the first day I set foot into Anna's office was the day I began my journey of recovery, self discovery, self awareness, self confidence, self esteem, resilience; all tools that I now use in my daily life to be able to identify, deal with and move on from issues which in the past would've seemed like mountains to climb, that are now merely small rocks! I have put down the emotional baggage that was just getting too heavy to carry, and now live life with new energy, enthusiasm and optimism where anxiety and depression are no longer welcomed companions. I feel lighter and I am enjoying my new freedoms.


If I could give anyone one piece of advice about taking that next step into Therapy it would be this:


DO IT! do it now, don't waste anymore days of your life being a slave to your Mental Health Issues. Stop existing and start Living. Best wishes."  July 2020.

*To preserve anonymity, 'Sarah' is not the client's real name and the photograph does not  depict her