Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice (RJ) is a concept which can be used within any environment where conflict may have arisen due to the actions of one or more people, for example bullying.  The process of repairing the harm involves several steps an RJ conference may not always be appropriate and it is important that both victim and offender have adequate support before, during and after the event.  The aim is to give the victim an open and supportive forum to voice their feelings, for both parties to speak in a controlled environment and ultimately to be able to move forward. 

I am a qualified advanced RJ practitioner  and have used the process in school and professional settings on numerous occasions. My role is to prepare all parties and chair the conference ensuring it remains controlled at all times.  The RJ process has several steps to ensure a successful and properly supported conference and an assessment to ensure that it is suitable and appropriate for all parties to take part.